Using AHDL in the Quartus II Software

Inserting an HDL Template

Using Numbers
Using Constants & Evaluated Functions
Creating Combinatorial Logic
      Implementing Boolean Expressions & Equations
      Naming a Boolean Operator or Comparator
      Declaring Nodes
      Defining Groups
      Implementing Conditional Logic
         Using If Then Statement Logic
         Using Case Statement Logic
         Using an If Then Statement vs. a Case Statement
      Creating Decoders
      Using Default Values for Variables
      Implementing Active-Low Logic
      Implementing Bidirectional Pins
      Implementing Tri-State Buses
Creating Sequential Logic
      Declaring Registers
      Declaring Registered Outputs
      Creating Counters
Designing State Machines
      Implementing State Machines
      Setting Clock, Reset & Enable Signals
      Assigning State Machine Bits & Values
      Implementing State Machines with Synchronous Outputs
      Implementing State Machines with Asynchronous Outputs
      Recovering from Illegal States
Implementing a Hierarchical Project
      Using Altera-Provided Unparameterized Functions
      Using Altera-Provided Parameterized Functions
      Using Custom Megafunctions & Macrofunctions
Implementing LCELL & SOFT Primitives
Implementing CAM, RAM & ROM
Using Iteratively Generated Logic
Using Conditionally Generated Logic
Using the Assert Statement

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