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AVR microcontroller

Looking for a highly integrated 8 bit micro with lots of features, low cost and GCC support? Then look no further than the Atmel AVR 8-Bit RISC. Check out my AVR page for more details, including how to build the GNU development tools for Linux.

LPC (ARM7TDMI) microcontroller

Eight bits too small? Perhaps you need the horsepower of the 32 bit Philips LPC ARM7TDMI. Check out my LPC (ARM7TDMI) page for more details, including how to build the GNU development tools for (you guessed it!) Linux.

Engineering/Electronics literature and resources

Take a look at my embedded development page for links to some great software and hardware technical info. I also have a page with a list of electronics retailers in the Ottawa area.

PCB design made easy, and cheap!

I design all of my PCBs using Cadsoft's Eagle. It is not only the easiest PCB design tool that I have ever used, yet it is low-cost and available for Windows, Linux and even Macs! Starting at free (for non-commercial use), or $49 USD for the entry level version, $600 USD for the 'standard' version and $1200 for the 'professional' version. I highly recommend trying it out.

R/C blimp

What's that in the air? A bird, a plane? No, it's a remote controlled blimp!

You most likely won't see these flying about in unruly skies, yet R/C blimps are appearing at indoor events all over. I decided to make my own homemade blimp.

Arcade controller

Why use a cheap keyboard, mouse or joystick to play PC games? Even today's 'high tech' controllers can't compare with the classic arcade joysticks and buttons.

What, can't find them at your local computer store? The answer is to build your own arcade style controller. It's pretty straight forward, once you find the parts. Check out my arcade controller page for schematics and pictures.

4th year micro programmed arithmetic processor project (old stuff!)

My 4th year project was to design and build a micro programmed arithmetic processor. It's been a while since I did this project, yet I still think it is pretty cool!