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Firmware/hardware designer by day...

By day I am a firmware/hardware designer, yet in my off work hours I hack around with my Linux boxes, experiment with microcontrollers, programmable logic and other cool chips, run a bunch of web, email and quake servers, play paintball, fly RC planes, ski, swim, cycle, play chess and golf.

Electrical Engineer by education

I graduated in December 1995 from the Electrical Engineering program at the University of Ottawa. I try to stay involved in both hardware and software design since I am an Electrical Engineer at heart yet I love hacking code!

Hardware hacking

Check out my latest hardware endeavors which include programmable logic designs using AHDL and Verilog.

Cool software

I have created several programs released under the GPL.


In response to the murder of my brother Andy in December of 1998, I created a web site where my family and I share information about Andy's life. You can also find information about a memorial scholarship at Andy's web site that the University of Ottawa (where Andy was studying Computer Engineering at the time of his death) and our family created to ensure that Andy's memory lasts forever.