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HTC Dream and the HTC Magic


This is an amazing battery! It packs 2600 mAh compared to 1100 mAh from the OEM battery (that's 136% more!). The downside is that it's rather large, yet that pales in comparison to the benefit of actually being able to use all the features of the phone without having to worry about running out of power. With this battery I can listen to Bluetooth audio (using my Motorola S9 or S9-HD) all day with the 3G, Wi-Fi and GPS radios enabled, and still have loads of power left over!


While not as powerful (or large!) as the 2600 mAh battery for the Dream, this 2000 mAh battery allows my HTC Magic to run for just as long thanks to the more efficient power design of the Magic. The HTC Magic with this battery is much smaller than the HTC Dream with the 2600 mAh battery, making it easier to carry and operate.

This screen guard is worth every penny - it saved my screen once already!

Both of these work very well. The S9-HD has noticeably better sound (mostly through bass boost technology), more comfortable ear cups and easier to find/press buttons. The only problem I have found with the S9 and S9-HD are that they suffer from occasional 'hiccups' (disruptions in sound) lasting a second or so when used with my HTC Dream (they work fine with my HTC Magic and Backberry Curve, so this seems to be an HTC Dream related problem).

Microsoft Sync (2009 Ford Edge)

I am able to make/receive calls, play audio and upload my phonebook via Bluetooth with the HTC Dream and Magic. I am unable to send/receive text messages (nor can my Blackberry Curve for that matter, oh well).


Tips & Tricks

Generating a playlist

This will generate a play list for the music on your phone. This assumes that your music is stored under the Media/Music directory on your SD card and that you are mounting your phone under /media/disk (and you are using Linux!). Tested with the HTC and Meridian players.

cd /media/disk
find Media/Music -type f | sort | sed 's/^/sdcard\//' > Media/playlist.m3u


Favorites (got to have!)

HTC Soft Keyboard (missing on the Rogers HTC Dream)

  • To install & enable:
    1. put it on the SD card
    2. install it using the ASTRO or Linda file managers
    3. Launch Settings, select 'Locale & text' (scroll down to see it) then enable 'Touch Input'
  • original source and announcement
  • MD5: 42814a09b677afc11d3383cce55c5237
  • SHA256: ff6a8e3b279719d2e428cc4a197b1525c165784c0a944ea344a0ba9abe5f1f9b

  • No Longer Used

    Ring Toggle by swwomm (this feature is included in Useful Switchers)