This is a local mirror of the Altera FreeCore Library. It is no longer supported.

"Altera FreeCore Library"

Important information:
The "Altera FreeCore Library" once started as a site for free function modules for Altera CPLD devices. The "Altera FreeCore Library" was offered and given to the public domain - and with all the contributions from dedicated programmable logic designers throughout the world - it is not my right to remove this material from the web.

But - as I'm now working with Xilinx (an Altera competitor) - I can no longer actively support Altera. Everything you find here is therefore unsupported. If you have any questions - don't send me any emails - I cannot help you - sorry. The authors of some of the functions have provided their email address - you could try to contact them directly.

Rune Baeverrud, February 16, 1999

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